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MMT Account-Business is an Excel based software on Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Inventory & manufacturing operations
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10 October 2015

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This is an accounting software.

MMT Account Software is based on Excel and is an account & business software. It will take care of sales, purchases, manufacturing and material planning functions. This software works with Excel versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Usually there are a lot of contact details that need to be maintained in a business. These include customer details, supplier details and so on. Customer data need to be used in promotions, invoicing, sales orders, customer credit status management, receivable aging reports, material shortage reports, etc. Supplier data in the database helps manage supplier related reports, reminders, etc. PO status report, payable aging report is usable to manage cash flow. Manufacturing and inventory related details are useful in creating product BOM data, stock movement details, inventory management related reports and accounts. The interface presented to the user is quite friendly and helps getting things done easily.

A whole range of reporting functions are available. You could process the reports additionally using the Excel functions. This tool will let you keep track of unfulfilled Invoices, amendment and deletion of such entries and GL entries are also possible. For the inventory, you would be able to track them upwards to their next higher level products or sub-assemblies. It then becomes easy to estimate how many products will be affected if there is a supply problem with a component. All reports could be implemented up to the day, need not be for a complete month. Data interlocking ensures, data integrity, even when more than one user is trying to access a record. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

MMT Account-Business is an MS Excel based software on Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Manufacturing operations. It is Easy to use and User-friendly and supports most Microsoft Excel versions; including Excel 2000, Excel 2002, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.
The software is a good and powerful tool; in particular for small business or small operations. The software is has the below special features which are not commonly provided by other accounting software in the market:--
1). Any stock item can be defined with multiple part numbers for sales and purchases while the inventory quantity of the stock item are correctly calculated and tracked no matter how many products or purchase items are linked to. It is particularly useful in case a part can be supplied by multiple suppliers or sold to multiple customers with different prices or descriptions.
2). All components can quickly be tracked upward to their next higher level products or sub-assemblies. This allows users to have a full picture how many products will be affected in case there is problem to a part item.
3).Shortage Report showing the lacking quantities for all components & products is available. This is a powerful tool to help material planning for fulfillment of open sales orders; in particular, for companies with manufacturing operation.
4). Amendment or Deletion of unfulfilled Invoices / POs / GL entries are allowed
5). All reports are in Microsoft Excel format such that users can further process or sort the data to suit their needs.
6). Date range for Accounting, Sales, Purchases and inventory reports can be down to days ( not restricted to report in full month )
Free download for 90 days trial is provided. Visit for more details and user guide.
MMT Account-Business
MMT Account-Business
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SK Wong
Very good accounting software. very userfriendly. I like very much the purchase and sales entry processes which represents the actual operations in the real world with multiple deliveries allowed. Also, different prices from various suppliers for the same item can be defined in the system without the need to change the purchase price when issuing PO.
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